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Hustle, Nearly 30, Small Things Add Up

  Who are we seeking to become? A reminder. What you do, every day, is what you become. Small things add up. It’s important to not only focus on addition (i.e., getting up early, working out more, reading, writing, questioning things, etc) but also on subtraction (less television, complaining, drinking, social media, etc). We all have time to […]

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Amazon Success, Facebook Sadness, Evil Twins, Outgroups, Food 2017 letter to shareholders (original) 2017 letter to shareholders (my version) Jeff Bezos’ annual letter to shareholders has been circulating lately. I think it’s excellent. Lots of good business advice in there, and short. I’ve highlighted my version (linked above) with the parts that spoke to me the most. Association of Facebook use with […]

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Art failings, Google Books, France, Moral Philosophy

Today’s reading:   My life as a failed artist I find art and artist to be ambiguous, at least in the way they appear today. What does it mean to do art? To be an artist?   Putting that aside this article was an eye-opener for me. I have zero experience in the world of art; […]

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