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Hustle, Nearly 30, Small Things Add Up


Who are we seeking to become?

A reminder. What you do, every day, is what you become. Small things add up. It’s important to not only focus on addition (i.e., getting up early, working out more, reading, writing, questioning things, etc) but also on subtraction (less television, complaining, drinking, social media, etc). We all have time to achieve everything we want. But it won’t be given to us. We have to make time for the right things by giving up the wrong things. How you define what the right / wrong things are is up to you. But as they say, success leaves clues. Mark Manson has good advice on which habits to build and why.

Why I stopped hustling

I’m glad Alex wrote this post. For quite some time now, I’ve found myself turned off by the word hustle. Hustle hustle hustle. If you’re not hustling, you don’t deserve to win. To his credit, Gary Vaynerchuk does mention – a lot – that you need to know yourself and what you want. That said, his defining message is that of hustling, of 12+ hour days, of go-go-go. I’ve seen enough of his videos to hear his moderating viewpoints, but for many I suspect the main point they get from Gary is to hustle and give up everything else for business success. I’ve felt guity about not working more. Of taking an afternoon off to visit a friend. Of my business not growing faster. Yet, despite knowing that I have to work on my productivity, on working on the right things, I still feel an aversion to the culture of hustle that is all over startup land. I think this is Alex’s best piece.

10 Life Lessons to Excel in Your 30s

I’m on year 30’s doorstep, and I feel good about it. 9 out of the 10 points listed I’m either actively working on or, at the very least, I’m aware that I need to work on. I’m satisfied with the path my life is taking right now. Not too long ago I wouldn’t have been able to say this. Things change fast.