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Art failings, Google Books, France, Moral Philosophy

Today’s reading:
I find art and artist to be ambiguous, at least in the way they appear today. What does it mean to do art? To be an artist?
Putting that aside this article was an eye-opener for me. I have zero experience in the world of art; this article brings together art and the art of critiquing art.
I had forgotten what Google Books meant to be. It’s a shame.
France, immigration, real estate, the middle class, etc. Fascinating read.
Outrage in philosophic debates. Outrage everywhere.
I read much of Stephan Guyenet (old website here) when I was learning about nutrition a couple of years ago. I always found his work excellent amidst the mountain of crap that is the nutrition industry. I was unaware that he had written a book – I’m excited to read it after reading this in-depth review.