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Amazon Success, Facebook Sadness, Evil Twins, Outgroups, Food 2017 letter to shareholders (original) 2017 letter to shareholders (my version)

Jeff Bezos’ annual letter to shareholders has been circulating lately. I think it’s excellent. Lots of good business advice in there, and short. I’ve highlighted my version (linked above) with the parts that spoke to me the most.

Association of Facebook use with compromised well-being: a longitudinal study

As a replacement for real social networks, does Facebook make us less happy? In my experience this rings true.

Lessons from Mid-Century Soviet Higher Education

The story of every feel-good movie or book, through the lens of Soviet-era education policy: dreams are hard to kill.

Your Evil Twins and How to Find Them

Rao defines an intellectual Evil Twin as:

An evil twin is defined as somebody who thinks exactly like you in most ways, but differs in just a few critical ways that end up making all the difference.

It’s an interesting concept. I haven’t yet come across a thinker that strikes me in this way; this is a consequence of my not being as well read as I want to be. Hence my blog!

I Can Tolerate Anything Except The Outgroup

Small differences matter. Tolerance, intolerance, and how they shape behaviour. Quite the essay.

Why the world’s 50 best restaurants list matters

Since starting Mealime, I’ve become more and more interested in food. Good food. I liked the author’s take on what seems, at the surface, to be an impossibly arbitrary awards show, yet it’s one that ultimately celebrates the care and sacred nature of dining. Plus, the list is fun to look at!